Our Firm

Service centric approach

Our History

Having worked in the industry in various capacities since 1987, Doucet Asset Management was founded by Chris and Suzette Doucet after seeing an unfulfilled niche in the investment management industry. Doucet Asset Management was born from the idea that sophisticated investors, business owners, corporate executives, and institutions desire an investment partner with the resources to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing financial and economic landscape, while maintaining a boutique level of service. This concept eliminates layers of costly administration, thus creating a closer proximity between clients and their investments.

Our Process

We actively take an opportunistic approach to finding relative value within the market.

Our experienced team of investment professionals constructs individualized client portfolios by identifying and incorporating asset classes and securities that we consider to be undervalued based upon their historic norms. We take a holistic approach to portfolio construction, focusing on the merits of each individual investment while considering the overall parameters of a client’s entire portfolio.

Investments are identified based on our own proprietary research – primarily seeking investment opportunities that combine a fundamental value play with a meaningful growth proposition. While maximizing returns is key to a successful portfolio, we firmly believe that the preservation of capital is an equally important consideration.

The investment process does not end at trade execution.

Once purchased, individual securities are constantly monitored by our team. Our sell discipline is to liquidate securities when their risk/reward profile moves in such a way that their inclusion in portfolios is no longer prudent or when individual price targets are met.

Our Clients

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