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The Goldilocks Economy – Before the Three Bears 1Q2024

Fiscal & Monetary Policy: Medicine or Poison? 4Q2023

Ghost Army Economics 3Q2023

The Coming Market: Roman Holiday or Greek Tragedy 1Q2023

Fed Bowl 4Q2022

From “Whatever it Takes” to “Whenever it Breaks” 3Q2022

Market Madness 2Q2022

The Great Unwind: Navigating the Rocky Road to the Emerald City 1Q2022

Will the Fed WIN? 3Q2021

10 Cent Beer Night at the Fed 2Q2021

Modern Fed’s Third Crossing of the Rubicon 1Q2021

The Parable of the Boiling Frog Market 3Q2020

The Disconnect Of the Raging Bull Market and the Hoover Economy in the Era of the New New Deal 2Q2020

When the Fed Was King 1Q2020

Tariff-ied 3Q 2019

The Old Union Playbook and the Quest for Silver Bullets 1Q 2019

The Market’s Achilles Heel  1Q 2018 

The Gutenberg Market 3Q 2017

The Great Financial Repression Q2 2017

Can the Market Get Out of Its Purple Haze? Q1 2017

Pen- shunned  Q4 2016

When will Atlas Shrug? Q3 2016

Frankenomics 101: Q2 2016

Say Adios to the Zihuatanejo Market:  Q1 2016

Modern Fed Speak and the Lost Art of Value Inverting Q4 2015

Treaty of Versigh Q3 2015

Risqué Trade On! Q2 2015

Oil: Opportunity, Disaster or Both? Q1 2015

Appetite for Distortion? Q4 2014

Drawbridge over Troubled Water Q3 2014

Evolution of High Speed Trading, Market Bubbles Brewing & How to Invest Q2 2014

When Reflection Leads to Inflection: It’s a Wonderful Life or Misery Q1 2014

The Big chicken Drop on the Potomac Q4 2013

Inflation: what the Doctor Ordered? Q3 2013

Harry Houdini Economy Q2 2013

Over Fed Q1 2013

The 2012 Election: Something’s Gotta Give Q4 2012

Waiting for that €ureka Moment Q3 2012

Eye of the Storm Q2 2012

Debt Doesn’t Have to Be a Four Letter Word Q1 2012

Occupy Reality Q4 2011

End of the Illusion Q3 2011

Balancing Murphy’s Law and Newton’s Law Q2 2011

The Rest of the Story Q1 2011

Groundhog Day, Kamikaze Politicians & Sugar Highs from the Fed Q4 2010

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